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Changing DAW's

Posted by MrFastBass - July 4th, 2020

I decided that it would be economically benficial to switch from using Pro Tools First, to using Reaper. One Reaper will let me use third party plugins and two Reaper is $60 for the license. As where Pro Tools is pushing almost $600. I would be saving money, plus I have an amp sim, And I would be able to get up and going faster. Of course because I am a bit slow it will take me a minute to learn Reaper, but it is worth it for the price. I even have a drum library and add on I am looking at getting as well as a orchestra plugin. I will get these plugins slowly after I get Reaper. Takes me a minute to save up.


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Don't even doubt, man: Reaper is just amazing, and its ridiculously low price is not the case: it is the most convenient (due to its phenomenal customization) DAW I've ever worked on! Also, you can even add your own "tools" (actions) using LUA script language, which fastens workflow even more. And I don't think it will take long time for you to learn it if you used Pro Tools (or any other pro software) before.

Thanks I will make sure to ask you in the future is I run in to problems on learning it. Yeah I decided on it after hearing a You-tuber talk about it. I really do not want to drop six hundred dollars on Pro Tools. I got a free limited version of Pro Tools with my Scarlette interface I have been using but, I heard about Reaper so that is where I am going.

No problem, feel free to ask, I'll try to help.
If you are financially limited, I suggest you to even use Reaper without actually buying it for your starting period: it gives free two months of usage without any restrictions in terms of functions :)

well i have the money now but I know it would've been a long time to save up for pro tools it is just to much money for a daw that limits what plugins you can use to what is in the avid market place.

Totally agree!